March 2005

View from the Hill                                        28th February 2005

During this very dry month of February, we have managed to extricate ourselves from hibernation and sow a couple of hundred acres of beans and barley into lovely dry seedbeds.  The cold weather however prevents any premature claims of spring having sprung.  Cultivations continue, with more barley this week, and then some linseed in the second half of March.

Hedgelaying is nearly done, just some gapping up to do now, in the gaps where there wasn’t enough layable timber, then a double fence to keep out marauding rabbits and deer.

The sheep and cattle are still munching their way through the turnip fields, hopefully to be cleared in time for linseed sowing later on.  From time to time the animals like to play with us by getting on the wrong side of the electric fences, and then pretending they are too frightened to jump back over the fence again.  No amount of gentle persuasion, thrown turnips, or unhinged swearing will induce the most stubborn steers to do what they know darn well what you want them to.


Keen workers wondering what they are supposed to do now.

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