Video clips

Here is a list of links to various short bits of video from around the farm over recent years, and which reside on youtube:

Sprayer at work April 2020

Spring sowing 2020

An aerial farm tour April 2020

Loading a lorry April 2020

Harvest 2019 part 4, baling and mad stacking (4 mins 48)

Harvest 2019 part 3, to the store and back (3 mins 14)

Harvest 2019 part 2, combining on a dusty evening (3 min 26)

Harvest 2019 part 1, cutting and unloading (2 min 41)

Carrot harvest, Notts, spring 2019

Uncovering carrots, spring 2019

Harvest film from 2004

loading bales 3, aug 2016

loading bales 2, aug 2016

loading bales 1, aug 2016

baling round straw bales aug 2016

view from the combine cab cutting barley, aug 2016

combining barley and unloading, aug 2016

view from the sprayer cab while spraying, june 2016

ewe licking off new born lamb, may 2016

cat terrorised by blackbird, april 2016

a short walk in the bluebells, may 2016

turning Maris Otter malt at Warminster Maltings oct 2015

ploughing Maris Otter malt at Warminster Maltings oct 2015

sowing winter barley into dusty seedbed oct 2015

vintage Massey Harris 780 combines cutting in 2012 (different author)

cutting the last of the 2015 wheat harvest

poppy harvester changing trailers aug 2015

poppy harvester at work aug 2015

greedy lambs eating breakfast aug 2015

making stale seed bed with JD 7230R and Carrier discs aug 2015

combine working in barley, from the poppy field aug 2015

baling straw the Claas way aug 2015

splitting beech logs into billets for bundling aug 2015

combine cutting oilseed rape at night under full moon july 2015

wild flowers on field margin blowing in wind 2015

poppy flowers in the breeze 2015

cows sitting, swishing and chewing in the sun 2015

orphan lambs racing and jumping 2015

lambs bottle feeding 2015

calves playing in straw 2015

calves charging around in straw 2015

wrens fighting in garden 2015

poppy harvesting 2014

evening in the flowering poppies 2014

poppies nearly ready for harvest 2014

orphan lambs and calf chasing 2014

animal catching raindrops with tongue 2014

bumble bee in flowering rape 2012

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